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In these trying times, when most restaurants are struggling just to stay in business, you shouldn’t let a delivery company take a 15-30% bite of your sales. The good news is… you don’t need to do that, ever again!

Covid-19 is teaching our industry many things.  We’re learning how important our margins are.  We’re learning how important our employees are.  And, we’re discovering a new future where pick-up and delivery mean everything.  ZappGuru gives every restaurant the ability to take orders online and the business plan to keep your customers happy and your staff employed.

Your menu will be up and available to your customers in as little as 72 hours with online order capabilities. Link your current, accurate menu to more platforms. Let customers find your menu when they search Facebook, Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Open4BizUS, and even your own website. 

The Covid-19 crisis slammed the restaurant industry – our clients – but together we can survive. For our part we are offering this service at no cost for two months to get you through to better times.

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Quit Anytime

Your customers need to eat.
Are they finding you?

We build beautiful menus that are always accurate and sync across the web to guarantee your customers get the food that they deserve.

Ensure your information is accurate, everywhere with ZappGuru and start selling more. 

Ensure your information is accurate, everywhere with ZappGuru and start selling more. 

How It Works

Your Menu

Send us your menu, we’ll build it on our platform and give you a link to share on all the important places like , Facebook, Google, and  Your menu will always be up to date. 

You can immediately start taking orders online from your customers and increase sales (60% of diners won’t call you; they want to order online.)


All of your sales go thru Stripe* and are directly deposited to your account at your bank.  Stripe deposits within 2 or 3 business days so you get your money fast.

When a customer orders from your menu the phone number of your choice gets notified and the order is sent directly to the email address of your choice.  Never miss an order.

That's it! No one takes a percentage. Your business keeps ALL the sales. That means you'll add 15% to 30% to your bottom line.

Use your own tablet to receive orders, or buy one from us for $50

Our system will send you both an email and a phone call informing you of order details. Using a tablet gives your staff easy access to order information. 

So, I have to hire a delivery driver?

Well, yes. BUT! If the order is a pick-up, you’re done.  If it’s a delivery you still have to get the order to the customer, and that’s where your staff comes in. Right now your staff is struggling too… what if you let that staff deliver your meals? And what if you kept ALL of your sales – 100%.   At your option, you can offset the cost of that staff member with a small delivery fee.

You’ll probably be surprised how little it costs to purchase an insurance rider that covers your employees making deliveries.  Whether they use your vehicle or their own, an insurance rider can cost as little as $125 per month.  Go ahead and check with your own insurance company or fill out the form below and we will connect you to someone who can answer your questions.

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*This limited time offer is a response to the COVID-19 crisis and includes our Accuracy package with an accurate menu and online ordering capabilities. Our full service packages are also available at reduced pricing and include fully managed customer contact solutions via text or email and custom website design.



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  • Menu Accuracy

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